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Your Personal Pair Programmer

DevDucky helps your engineers fully understand  your company's code and product

"Developers are forced to invest great effort in recovering implicit knowledge by exploring code and interrupting teammates"


Get insights about your code and the story behind it

Tap into DevDucky's Get Insights to get detailed information about the input, output, side-effects and the intent of your code and its spec.

Getting information about a piece of code
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Asking your code questions to understand it
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Just ask DevDucky what you want to know!

No more wasting time jumping around different parts of the code, reading product specs and asking your teammates for help.
Now you can just ask DevDucky!

Auto-generate projects' documentation

DevDucky can automatically generate documentation for your softwar projects.

The documentation will include a detailed explanation of the flow and business logic, entry points, return values and the interactions it has with other software projects and services.

code documentation

How does DevDucky works?

DevDucky collects and processes your code, the code history (git commits), product specifications, Google Docs, tickets and more. In addition, it collects data from public online sources, like GitHub and Stack Overflow.

DevDucky uses state of the art AI algorithms to combine, extract, learn and understand the information from all the data that it has collected and processed.

DevDucky presents the information it had understood by showing it alongside your IDE, allowing your engineers to send "questions" to your code and generate documentation for your services and projects.

Reduce the time and cost of development

 Improve your developers day to day work and keep a smile on their face

Prevent errors

Connect the business side and product specification with your code

Why should you use DevDucky?